Do teeth need to be looked after?


Do teeth need to be looked after? Well it sounds a stupid question, doesn’t it, but not everyone looks after their teeth, if you look around you can see the people who do and the people who do not. It usually stems from how they were brought up, lucky for me, my mum was always nagging me about my teeth and it is now a routine to clean them. And even more so after writing about teeth and reading and researching, it is so important to look after them.

Plaque acids attack our teeth and can last for up to an hour after they are initiated through sugar mainly, reacting with the bacteria in our mouth. So washing and cleaning them is vital. Even though the enamel on our teeth is the hardest thing in our body, plaque can still drill through and create a hole.

So it is your duty, yes duty to drum it into your children to clean their teeth religiously every day, twice a day to stand a chance of keeping their teeth healthy. Don’t shirk your duties people, it is soooooo important.

How are your teeth?

Are they as good as you would want?

Well I hope so…